All Of Toffee: The Wild Fantasies of Charles F. Myers!

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Classic Fantasy in the Tradition of "Topper"!

Marc Pillsworth's dream girl materialized from a magical plane—but she turned out to be a nightmare of comic proportions!

Pillsworth was dreamer. That was good; it helped make him a success in advertising. But it was bad when his idle imaginings of the perfect woman turned out to be so strong they tapped the magical plane and she came to life right before his eyes!

You'd think that would be a miracle, but Marc found out otherwise! For, like so many "dream girls" since the dawn of humankind, his dream girl, Toffee, had a mind of her own—and a life of her own, too! Worse yet, she had magical powers and insisted on using them on Marc's behalf. That might have been a miracle, too, but lacking worldly experience, the impulsive Toffee's efforts had a way of proving disastrous for Marc. Soon Marc's fiancĂ©e, the police, various citizens, and even members of the local underworld are all out for Marc's scalp—and just when he has succeed in sending Toffee away!

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