Out Now: The Eye Of The World: A Lost "Thought-Variant" Pulp Classic By Don Wilcox

Here's a rollicking space opera/pulp classic like no other!  Check out The Eye Of The World and you'll see why Don Wilcox is considered to be a master of the genre.

"Magnificant! It's got everything, humor excitement, science fiction, and plenty of suspense." W. Paul Ganley, Weirdbook. Here is a thrilling tale of A lost sorld of futuristic marvels, a lost legion of American soldiers, a lost soul in search of redemption, a lost alien determined to conquer the world or destroy it - and a love that defied death! The Eye of the World is a mind-bending "thought-variant" novel from the 1940s intended to change the way its readers viewed reality forever! From the text: "What Allan was seeing was a gigantic room, nearly two miles high. And there were clouds of orange fire rolling out of the top of a volcano-like cone. It was the cone itself that struck Allan with awe. It must have been two miles in diameter – yet the room was not filled by it. The great loop of the glide-walk moving around it gave it the effect of slowly turning. It was strangely illuminated, and over its perfectly symmetrical surface Allan could see hundreds – yes, thousands of patches of color ... a glass-like surface composed of small, sharply defined squares. Each square, only about three by three inches, contained a picture. Sixteen squares to the square foot – and how many thousands of square feet? There must be billions of tiny pictures set side by side over this surface – each picture was a person – a face. These pictures were in motion. Was it an actual image of persons in other lands – images that revealed their actions and expressions of this very moment? And then he was sure that all this spectacle before his eyes was happening now. He took a few steps upward. He was walking on faces – illuminated, tinted photographs. The expressions of the faces were quite unaffected by the contact of his heel plates. He caught his breath with sharpened interest. A billion? two billion? Was it possible that there was room here for everyone? Some squares were in darkness ... purple and black – and the deed was murder! Scores of different murders were being pulled off right before his eyes. Some were American, others were murders in India, on some desert island, on the snow field that might have been Siberia. Although the pictures revealed an amazing variety of bloody deeds, they showed up as a group, dominated by a single color-tone. What was the meaning of such a colossal mirror, hidden below these lost mountains of Africa?" Rog Phillips' Eye of the World is a never-reprinted, lost masterpiece of pulp science fiction that award-winning author, editor and critic Terry Carr hailed as one of the "standout" stories of the year after it first appeared in the January 1949 issue of Fantastic Adventures.

Out Now: The Shades Of Toffee [The Hilarious Adventures Of Toffee #4] By Charles F. Myers

A guaranteed classic laugh riot!  Check out The Shades Of Toffee by Charles F. Myers and discover why these books are still considered masterpieces of humor!

When Mark Pilsworth's dream girl, Toffee, came to life right out of one of his daydreams, he knew he was in trouble. But when he invented an antigravity device, he found Toffee plus antigravity equaled dynamite! Pixilated dream girls from the dream plane, who couldn't keep their clothes on and kept appearing every time his geal-life girlfriend Julie was around, were one thing, but communist spies, scheming capitalists, and the shades of the Pillsworth family were another, and a far more deadly explosive mix. If you like classic fantasy served up frothy and bewitching, don't miss this, the only full-length Toffee novel ever written. Marion Kirby had nothing on our gal Toffee. It's a deliriously heady brew recommended for whatever ails you.

Out Now: The Fantomas Centennial Omnibus Edition By Pierre Souvestre And Marcel Allain

The legendary master of murder and horror is back in this new edition of The Fantomas Centennial Omnibus Edition by Pierre Souvestre And Marcel Allain! 

"Fantomas." "What did you say?" "I said: Fantomas." "And what does that mean?" "Nothing.... Everything!" "But what is it?" "Nobody.... And yet, yes, it is somebody!" "And what does the somebody do?" "Spreads terror!"

A century ago, a new villain was born. The Founder of the Criminal Feast of 20th Century Supervillains is one hundred years old now, still surprisingly fresh and spine-tingling with its gory Grand Guignol blood spattering and grisly tortures of flesh and spirit.  And even now he is being reconceived and reborn as a film by Christophe Ganz, director of Brotherhood of the Wolf. Fantomas returns yet again to haunt our nightmares. In 1911, French readers discovered their Horror-Shock, Grisly Pulp Fiction, Arch-Criminal:  Hannibal Lector, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhies rolled into one. Europe’s original pulp fiction, the “Lord of Terror” Fantomas, is the anti-hero of France’s best detective thrillers. Written by Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain, it is one of the most influential and enduring works of popular culture published in the 20th Century. From Fu Manchu, Doctor Mabuse, Lex Luthor, to Ernst Stavro Blofeld, to Dr. Evil, the chameleon face of criminality, ever changing, ever renewing is shaped by the character Fantomas, Emperor of Crime.  He relishes the lurid details of criminality, crimes, and savage mayhem, clothed in royal robes, or the rags of a street musician, or the simple habit of a homicidal nun. His last chapter escapes surpass even those of the legendary Harry Houdini, then in his prime and height of world-wide fame.

The initial five books in the series are collected in this Fantomas Centennial  Omnibus Edition: FANTOMAS: The Adventures of Detective Juve in pursuit of a master in crime. FANTOMAS VS. JUVE: In this continuation Fantomas appears as the leader of a gang of Apaches, and as a physician of standing. Juve tracks the criminal to his secret hiding-place, but Fantomas escapes. THE VENGENCE OF FANTOMAS: Filled with hair-raising incidents this tale is a fascinating recital of remarkable happenings in the life of the master-criminal of Paris. FANTOMAS AND THE NEST OF SPIES: In this volume Fantomas is an ambassador for a foreign power engaged in Paris in obtaining important military secrets for Germany. Detective Juve unmasks him, but the criminal again escapes. FANTOMAS AND THE ROYAL PRISONER: This volume tells of the daring exploits of Fantomas in his attempts to get possession of the King of Hesse-Weimar's famous diamond.

Out Now: The Mad Monster of Mu-Ungu [The Ki-Gor Collection] by John Peter Drummond

Ki-Gor continues in another rip-roaring adventure in the jungle!  Pick up John Peter Drummond amazing pulp thriller, The Mad Monster of Mu-Ungu, and you will not be disappointed!

In this adventure, Ki-Gor, the jungle king of the pulps is lured into a trap by a man who saves Helene's life.  Drugged and hypnotized, by a power mad despot, Ki-Gor unwittingly leads Helene, along with his two closest friends, the Masai warrior Tembu George and N'Geeso chief of the pigmies, and their tribes, into the hands of a fiend.  A helpless pawn in a madman's scheme, Ki-Gor's only hope is a Zulu wizard (fans of H. Rider Haggard will recognize the inspiration for this character) whose aid the jungle lord has already spurned. As an added treat, this electronic edition reprints the original magazine blurb for the story. With an original Introduction discussing the character, his creators, and the story itself. Plus a complete list of all the Ki-Gor novels from Jungle Stories. With the original pulp magzine cover illustration.

Out Now: Lair Of The Beast [The Ki-Gor Collection] By John Peter Drummond

The adventures of Ki-Gor continue in this pulp-classic tale by John Peter Drummond: Lair Of The Beast!
"Ki-Gor was the best and most popular of Tarzan's rivals," -pulp expert Forrest J. Ackerman. In this adventure, Ki-Gor takes on one of the oldest of all human evils, human trafficking, a scourge which has never died out even to this day.  As the original magazine blurb puts it: "Ki-Gor, white lord of the jungle, had sworn an oath.  Death to ibn Daoud, dealer in men! Death to the Arab slave-dealer who held beautiful Helene captive in his fortress reared on human bones and human souls!" It is logical that he should encounter it, for Africa has always been a prime target for those who would trap and enslave others.  A must for fans of Tarzan and other jungle heroes. As an added treat, this electronic edition reprints the original magazine blurb for the story. With an original Introduction discussing the character, his creators, and the story itself. Plus a complete list of all the Ki-Gor novels from Jungle Stories. With the original pulp magzine cover illustration.

Out Now: Ki-Gor, King Of The Jungle [The Ki-Gor Collection] By John Peter Drummond

Here's an adventure tale like no other!  If you are a fan of savage-yet-civilized ape men then Ki-Gor, King Of The Jungle By John Peter Drummond is the book for you!

In this first of his adventures, Ki-Gor, a Rousseauian primitive who has been living alone in the jungles of Africa since he was a young boy, crosses the path of a beautiful young woman whose skin is also curiously pale like his own. Slowly they learn to communicate and fall in love as they are menaced by slavers, warrior tribes and the deadliest of jungle beasts. The woman, Helene, who falls in love with the likable primitive, is an unusually strong figure in her own right for a pulp magazine heroine of the time. At the conclusion of the story, they set off with their elephant, Marmo, for who knows what future adventures.

Out Now: World Beyond Pluto [The Adventures of Johnny Mayhem #4] by C. H. Thames


From the pages of the best of the pulps comes another tale in the Johnny Mayhem saga by C. H. Thames: World Beyond Pluto [The Adventures of Johnny Mayhem #4]!  If you've enjoyed Johnny's previous adventures then this is a must-have book!

This ebook contains the final three suspense-filled adventures in the "lives" of Johnny Mayhem, the fabulous cosmic trouble-shooter. Mayhem was the most popular character appearing in the American science fiction magazines of the mid- to late-1950s. His body reconstructed by aliens after a crash landing, Mayhem is literally "the man who saved the universe" – and the price he pays for it is a terrible one, for Mayhem's consciousness can move from body to body, but he can inhabit each body only for 30 days, or he and it will die. So Johnny becomes a galactic trouble-shooter who must face the greatest dangers that threaten humanity and triumph over them – or perish.  The first story, "A Coward Named Mayhem," sends him into space on a brave man's mission. But how can he succeed—trapped as he is in the body of a man with a coward's reactions? The second, "Think Yourself to Death," involves Mayhem in a gender-change, transplanted tin a female body, and adventure on a planet of Ophiuchus. In Johnny's final adventure ever, "World Beyond Pluto," Johnny is off to Partap's Planet, whose stubborn residents resist evacuation when their sun is about to go nova.

Out Now: Munchies & Other Tales Of Guys, Gals And Guns By Jack Bludis

Deerstalker Books is thrilled to be able to bring you, the discerning thriller reader a brand new collection of noir tales by our resident master of mysteries, Jack Bludis: Munchies & Other Tales Of Guys, Gals And Guns

"Jack Bludis is one smokin' hot crime fiction writer. When you finish reading this collection, you'll be hungry for more. -Michael Bracken, author of All White Girls.

An enthralling collection of mysteries from a two time Shamus Award finalist Jack Budis that celebrates the pulp private eye story in a trio of cities famed for their noir settings and mean streets. "From Baltimore to the mean streets of New York, to the smoke-and-gin-soaked Hollywood of the 1940s, Bludis presents a lineup of some of the finest hardboiled literature around. Page after page is filled with bullets, bucks, and broads. This is the good stuff, folks. Major high-fives for Munchies and Other Tales of Guys, Gals, and Guns!" -Richard Helms, Two-time Derringer Award winning author of Thunder Moon. This masterful volume includes the author's first published story, "The Transfer," his Anthony and Shamus Award finalist tale, "Munchies," plus "Pigtown Will Shine Tonight," "Ticket to the Top," "New Guy on the Block," "Blonds, Blonds, Blonds," and seven other enthralling short stories and novelettes.

"Treacherous characters, two-fisted action, and an inside knowledge of the mid and late Twentieth Century. Jack Bludis has a handle for dark fiction.  These are stories not to miss.  Check 'em out!" -Dave White, Two Time Shamus Nominated author of The Evil That Men.

Jack Bludis is a lifetime resident of the Baltimore area who lived his early years in "Pigtown." His Shamus Award finalist novel, Shadow of the Dalhia, is also available as a paperback and ebook.
  • Bludis captures the mood perfectly with dialogue and characterization that pull you right into the story. If you like Mickey Spillane, you will love Bludis. -Jack Quick, reviewer, www.bookbitch.com
  • "A collection of Bludis' short crime fiction? In a world of over-hyped, pre-packaged, filter tip crime fiction, Jack Bludis rolls his own. Lots of copycats profess to write pulp, but Bludis shows how it's done. He's a true original, always his own man, a defiantly loose cannon in the neatly ordered world of genre expectations, as idiosyncratic - and entertaining - as a nun on a skateboard." -Kevin Burton Smith, Editor at ThrillingDetective.com
  • "Many secrets, but would a mystery be without secrets? Not to worry when it comes to author Jack Bludis, a master of weaving clues into unrelated events. Bludis shines in this collection of stories where everyone has a secret, and ultimately, all is revealed. -Jann Briesacher, voracious reader.

Out Now: Lady In Black: & Other Tales Of The Paranormal And The Romantic By Marissa St. James

Futures-Past is pleased and proud to be able to bring the discerning science fiction reader the best in the genre and there re very few authors as good as Marissa St. James, as shown by new new collection:  Lady In Black & Other Tales Of The Paranormal And The Romantic

"A full range of paranormal experiences from vampires to ghosts and time travel with separated lovers found. I couldn’t put the book down after just one story." -Sultry Summers, author of StarTyger.

Includes: Always and Forever, A Tip for Angie, Haunting Cordelia, Lady in Black, Moon Dance, Not A-Musing, Spider's Web, Temper, Temper..., The Hunt, The Vaughn Legacy, and Wizards, Dragons, Popcorn Strings.

Marissa St. James is a Silver Rose Award Finalist for Best Historical Romance Novel.

Out Now: Respectfully Mine [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #2] By Randall Garrett

Randall Garrett is a true, classic science fiction, master - and after you read Respectfully Mine [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #2] you'll see why!

Hugo Finalist and Sidewise Award winner faces his most endearing character, future conman Leland Hale with his most daunting challenge. Hale may be the cleverest crook in the galaxy, but can even he crack a closely guarded time capsule? From the creator of Lord Darcy comes another short novel from the glory days of the pulps featuring Randall Garrett's rarest and never-reprinted series character. But beware, Leland Hale will steal your heart - and all your money! Hale thinks the universe owes him a living, and he is collecting on the installment plan. Fraud, larceny and murder are all in the day's work for this master interstellar confidence man. The backwater planet Apfahl doesn't know what is about to descend on them. Mothers lock up your daughters, and fathers lock up your money. Leland Hale is in town. Reprinted from the 1950s pulp, Infinity.

Out Now: Drug On The Market [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #3] By Randall Garrett

Here is a truly great blast from the past!  Read Drug On The Market [Leland Hale, Galactic Conman #3] by Randall Garrett and you'll see why Garrett is considered to be a true classic science fiction master!

The final adventure of science fiction's most adroit conman! His career cut short by the death of the pulps, interstellar grifter Leland Hale makes his final bow in this brain-puzzling tale of a futuristic cons and their marks. From the text: "The Galaxy is big, and, as far as the Interstellar Police of a century ago were concerned, too damned big. With five billion major wanted criminals moving about the Galaxy at any one time, plus sixty or seventy billion stay-at-homes, finding or tracking one man was not an easy job by a long shot. Even a normally intelligent criminal had a pretty good chance of eluding capture for years, and with a man like Leland Hale, the odds against nabbing him were even higher. They couldn’t possibly keep tabs on every crook in the known Universe, so it should not be considered surprising that The Planetary Police of the world Giffer did not immediately leap from their swivel chairs when, as a matter of routine, they received the passenger list on the luxury liner Bencolin when it docked at the major spaceport of the planet on what was, in that hemisphere, a fine summer day." Reprinted from the Feb. 1960 Fantastic Universe. Cover art: Laura Givens

"I'll Eat Yer Brain" - A Wonderful Zombie Song By Bill Mills

Bill Mills is not just an essential part of Renaissance Books but he's also a wonderfully talented, and marvelously funny, singer songwriter - as you will absolutely know when you hear his brand new song "I'll Eat Your Brain" ... his take on romance - and zombies!

A paraody lyric by Bill Mills to the tune of "Little Liza Jane". Zombies! They're always a favorite among lovers of horror. Here is a new and jaunty little ditty about the culinary tatses of The Undead. Keep the lid on your 'brainpan' as you listen to "I'll Eat Yer Brain"... or you may become a Zombie Buffet! Written and Performed by Bill Mills All instruments and vocals by Bill Mills Recorded March 9, 2011 - Mills Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Out Now: Dirty Work [A Rick Page Mystery] By Jack Bludis

PageTurner Books and Deerstalker Editions is extremely pleased and proud to announce the release of a brand new book by our resident master of mystery and suspense, and Edgar Award Nominee, Jack Bludis: Dirty Work
The Shamus Award finalist PI returns in another 1940s noir thriller! An all new novella from multiple mystery award nominee author Jack Bludis. Page is called in when decade old pornographic photos of a major silver screen star, taken when the star was a starving new comer in Holywood, are used for blackmail. His search for the person possessing the pictures leads to murder and danger. It's a case that leads from mobsters to moguls and star-studded lineup of suspects, a case the PI will be lucky to survive.

Out Now: The Angel Baby By Michael Swanson

Deerstalker and Futures-Past is extremely proud to bring you a wonderful new supernatural thriller by the excellent Michael Swanson: The Angel Baby

The body of an angelic child washes up on a beach. A grisly discovery made 100 years aftr the great Galveston storm of 1900. An elderly woman is found dead in her home. Baffled police enlist an ambitious D. A.  . A pair of ghost hunters on the trail of a demonic presence discover it has a strange attraction to the D.A.  The presence entangles the D.A. and the ghost hunters in a world of supernatural terror that links past with present. Embroiled in a supernatural struggle for survival, they must free themselves of an evil presence lest they become the next victims of The Angel Baby. Will they survive?

Out Now: The Case of Morgaine, the Demon Witch [Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator #5] by Joe Vadalma

Joe Vadalma keeps them coming!  Our best-selling and fan-favorite has yet another hit book out for you to read and re-read for a long time: The Case of Morgaine, the Demon Witch [Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator #5].

At last, the long-awaited confrontation between Joe Vadalma's greatest creations: psychic investigator, Raven Lenore, and the powerful, treacherous Morgain, the witch. Fans of both series will experience chills and thrills when they read this ultimate adventure of Vadalma's most famous characters. The is the novel they've been waiting for! Raven Lenore must use all her wit and street smarts to defeat the demon-witch Morgaine. Many of the characters from both series are present, such as Henry Bagyar the beast, Annie B., Michael Ellul the thousand-year-old sorcerer, Lara Borinski (Michael's second wife), Mephistopheles the magic cat, Peter Magbertius (Raven's nemesis), Lenore Raven (Raven's doppleganger), demons, ghosts, vampires and angels, and many others as well as new characters, in heady brew of evil against good, and evil against evil, as demonic cults vie for power. Only Raven can save the world from the horrors from the abyss.

Out Now: The Traveling Vampire And The Farmer's Daughter By Joe Vadalma

If you like your fantasy hilarious and wild and, best of all, great fun, then you have to check out Joe Vadalma's brand new book, The Traveling Vampire And The Farmer's Daughter.

Her farmer father told her to beware of traveling salesmen, but he didn't say a word about traveling vampires. In this delightful new fantasy novel, that is sure to remind readers of Xanth and Diskworld, Joe Vadalma applies his usual deft touch for satire to recent novels and movies about the undead. If ever a girl yearned to escape the dreary world of farming and small town life, it was Sally. But her stepfather watches over her doings with an eagle eye. Slipping the leash for a night out at the local country and western bar, Sally spies a tall, pale stranger drinking alone, who rides a sexy motorcycle, naturally. Soon the pair are parked somewhere necking passionately. In fact, that's the last thing Sally, remembers when she wakes up in her room the next morning - being nuzzled on the neck! Well, it's true love on both their parts, in the twilight, under the full moon, at breaking dawn, and during an eclipse, and neither can keep their hands or lips off each other. Then Sally discovers he's a vampire - but, what does she care? Karl offers a chance to fly away from the bleak life she knows - even if it means flying on leathern wings.  Sadly for Sally, the course of true love never runs true. If the two are ever to embrace in a happily-ever-after clinch for the fade-out, they will have to survive a vampire clan sworn to slay Karl, the ghost of Sally's great-grandmother, a murderer who has struck twice, the mysterious Boris Magyar, and a man waiting in a graveyard holding a gun loaded with a silver bullet. If all this happens in this dizzying comic pastiche, what must lie ahead for our lovelorn heroine and her fashionably-pale beaux in the sequel? And, of course, there will be a sequel! A Hilarious Fantasy Romp!

Out Now: Sunstroke: A Novel Of Suspense By Irv Eachus

PageTurner is extremely pleased to bring readers of wonderful suspense fiction a brand new treasure from Irv Eachus: Sunstroke.

"Eachus stays well away from the dreary predictability that is the downfall of less successful works. The action never flags." Washington Post Ten years ago Frank Boyle was a Treasury agent with a promising career, a good wife, and a bad habit that eventually lost him everything. Now he's a partner in a successful little high-tech firm called Industrial Security of Los Angeles, with no personal life to speak of, a client about to be the death of him and a new bad habit named Sarah. Sunstroke opens with three seemingly unrelated dramas: a shooting in which Frank is not considered the target, the untimely return of Sarah, and a suspicious fire in Professor Gorelick's laboratory that kills a faithful assistant and destroys four years of Nobel-caliber work. By the story's showdown, the list of crimes has run to fraud, arson, murder and attempted murder in various flavors; and the list of suspects has grown to include some of the nastiest players in the high-tech corporate world. Sunstroke is a tale of two cities. 1990's West LA, even in the grip of its worst-ever heat wave, is a cool place. The Las Vegas Strip is always hot. What both cities have in common is sunlight. And Professor Gorelick's research was based on the search of a new, cheap way to turn sunlight into energy. Sunstroke is played out on both landscapes, and both are as gritty and glitzy and dangerous and fun on the story's pages as they are in real life. What the critics say about Irv Eachus' thrillers: "Lots of action, a little sex and topical issues." Library Journal "...exciting, well-written and unforgettable ... should keep readers turning pages well past bedtime" Orlando Sentinel Star Irv Eachus lives in San Francisco. He is the author of the highly acclaimed thriller, The Raid, and is currently working on the next Frank Boyle techno-thriller, Blackout. "Keeps the reader asking the ultimate question, "Then what happened?" Booklist. Don't Miss Irv Eachus' novel of nuclear terrorism, The Raid.

Out Now: The Last Sell Out By Jack Bludis

There is simply no one better at writing hard-core detective stories than our Shamus Award Nominee Jack Bludis, and he proves that with his brand new book: The Last Sell Out.

In this compelling mystery, a young studio secretary is missing along with a number of valuable scripts that might be adapted for television. Their author is murdered, and within a few days, he is nominated for an Oscar. At the same time, a New York TV genius is playing studio against studio for production space and artistic control. Hired to investigate the writer's murder, a cynical private eye finds himself involved with a violent motorcycle gang, low-lifes, and studio bigwigs. Then an apparent innocent is murdered, another remains missing, and the detective becomes an avenging angel. His actions endanger not only his own life, but the life of  the woman he loves. It's the early 1950s, and former movie audiences were staying home to watch I Love Lucy on TV. Television's big success meant declining attendance and revenues at the movies. Studio executives were taking every means to compete, including subterfuge, double-dealing, theft, and the sin-of-sins, merging with New York, TV production companies. This mystery as Roman à clef features invented lead characters intermingled with real studios, executives, and actors. Long-time movie fans will recognize the real-life counterparts behind their fictional disguises. From the Edgar and Shamus finalist mystery writer, Jack Bludis.

Out Now: Cinderella, Etcetera by T. J. Lazier

PageTurner is extremely proud to be able to bring you a wonderful new hilarious fantasy by T. J. Lazier: Cinderella, Etcetera!

In a hilarious fantasy realm that is sure to remind many readers of Diskworld and Xanth, a wizard and company promise to fulfill young Cindy's rich father's dream and weave a spell that will make the Crown Prince fall in love with her at the upcoming ball. But the magical Mafia has its own plans for the beautiful Cindy, as does her Wicked Stepmother. Meanwhile, the man sworn to see that all goes smoothly and Cinderella marries the Crown Prince finds himself falling in love with her. Comic magical duels and outrageous creatures abound! Cover art: Brandy Webster 

Listen to Classic Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Stuart J. Byrne!

Click the PLAY button on the right to hear a brief interview/conversation between Stuart J. Byrne and FuturesPast Editions Publisher Jean Marie Stine

They discuss the author's classic Science Fiction & Fantasy works The Michael Flannigan Trilogy, the "Starman" series of novels and touch briefly upon Mr. Byrne's writing for vintage television series Men Into Space.

Stuart J. Byrne is one of the most distinguished pulp writers of science fiction's golden age.
Byrne has published over 3 million words, mostly cover features for science fiction pulps like"Amazing Stories", "Other Worlds", "Science Stories", and "Imagination." Stories like "Last Days of Thronas", "Beyond the Darkness", "Martian Honeymoon", "Children of the Chronotron", "The Land Beyond the Lens", and "Prometheus II", "Power Metal", etc. won him plaudits from readers and his fellow authors alike. With the death of the pulps he switched to paperbacks writing genre bestsellers including the Star Man series, "Thundar - Man of Two Worlds", "Hoaxbreaker", and "Star Quest".  Byrne's motion picture and television credits range from classic tv series like "Men Into Space" to feature films like "The Deserter" and "The Doomsday Machine". 

Byrne holds a B.A. and M.A., with courses covering the gamut of computerology, electronics, astronomy, and management, and is a former member of SFWA and  WGAW. He is also a specialist in international management, system analysis, multi-country system installation, large scale procurement and inventory control management.  Multi-lingual (Spanish, German – translator), he has lived abroad, South America and Guam, and traveled for Litton Industries to NATO bases in Europe (as Principal Engineering Writer and proposal survey rep.).  

People Stu talks about in this Interview:

The ebook edition of his masterwork Star Quest was a #1 science fiction bestseller for over a month and remained on the ebook bestseller lists for more than three months! Music of the Spheres & Other Science Fiction Classics, the first-ever collection of his pulp short stories, and new editions of his never-before-reprinted pulp novels, have all been sf bestsellers in ebook format.