Out Now: Cats - Over The Rainbow, Compiled And Edited By Richard F. X. O'connor

Here's a brand new release that's all-but guaranteed to make cat fanciers purr with delight: Cats: Over The Rainbow, a compilation of feline essays by Richard F.  X.  O'Connor.

 60 Essays, Quotations and Poems in Celebration and Remembrance of Our Feline Companions! Cat-loving authors include Cleveland Amory, Mark Twain, Colette, James Herriot, Eleanor Farjeon, Rudyard Kipling, Agnes Repplier, Amy Lowell, and more than fifty others. 

Out Now: Castle Darkest Night By Joe Vadalma

PageTurner is very pleased to announce the release of a brand new gothic/vampiric novel by our bestselling star writer, Joe Vadalma: Castle Darkest Night! 
Castle Darkest Night is a dark fantasy in the Gothic tradition. It concerns a Medieval castle, a woman on the edge of madness, the paranormal, obsessed  scientists, mysterious events, murder, a torrid love affair and an unholy experiment. Amy is led from horror after horror which sinks her into a quagmire of death, madness and sin. And what of the young Ray Smart? Will he save Amy from the horrors that haunts her? Or will he tempt her into a  forbidden love affair?

"If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft like me, haven't you ever wondered exactly what was in the book entitled The Necronomicon? I know I have. In addition, there were these references to the Cult of Cthulhu, a name impossible to pronounce. Of course, the fun of it is to speculate and wonder, and not know for sure. Of course, as an author of fantasy, science-fiction and dark fantasy, I could not help attempting to imitate the master. What fun it was to write The Laws of Magic which takes some of the elements I used in my other novels, such as witchcraft and the occult and mix in a little Lovecraftian lore. In the Laws of Magic, a detective, called in by a mysterious young woman to solve the case of a missing professor, finds himself transported by the Necronomicon into a fantastic underground other-dimensional world where he menaced by Lovecraftian and other monsters and nightmarish creatures."

- Joe Vadalma

Out Now: The Legendary Women Detectives Edited By Jean Marie Stine

PageTurner Books and DeerStalker Editions is extremely excited to be able to print back into print a great celebration of women detectives with the publication of The Legendary Women Detectives, featuring works by Baroness Orczy, Anna Katharine Green, Arthur B. Reeve, C. L. Pirkis, Valentine's Daphne Wrayne, and Edgar Jepson and Robert Eustace, and edited by our own - and equally legendary -  Jean Marie Stine.
Sherlock Holmes' Female Rivals! This unique collection for connoisseurs of detection done female style brings back six of the greatest fictional women sleuths of the era of gaslights and horseless carriages. Fans of Kinsey Milhone and other contemporary women detectives, as well as of Agatha Christie and Honey West, will love this collection featuring the foremothers of today's fictional female crime-fighters. Long out of print and unobtainable, these celebrated women 'tecs - Baroness Orczy's Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, Anna Katharine Green's Violet Strange, Arthur B. Reeve's Constance Dunlap, C. L. Pirkis' Loveday Brooke, Valentine's Daphne Wrayne, and Edgar Jepson and Robert Eustace's Ruth Kelstern--were once nearly as famous as fictional sleuth of Baker Street himself. Their fame waned in the long decades of the 1930s through the '80s, when female sleuths took a backseat to Sam Spade, Nero Wolfe, and the like. But, they are back to baffle and thrill contemporary readers in The Legendary Women Detectives edited by Jean Marie Stine.

Out Now: Make A Difference: A Science Fictional Novel Of Suspense By Raymond Long

Futures-Past Editions and PageTurner Books is extremely pleased and proud to be able to bring the discerning suspense and science fiction reader a brilliant new book by Raymond Long: Make A Difference!
Murder, corruption and intrigue in a world on the brink of chaos! Ruthless gang warfare, salacious dens of vice and fearsome high-tech weaponry! In 2048, the rich live in Protected Zones. Outside the PZ walls, crime flourishes unchecked. Lieutenant Jeri Stone still believes the police can make a difference in the crime-infested slums outside the walls. When a solid citizen from inside the PZ is shot dead in the street by a relatively minor gang, Jeri goes after the killers. But the case quickly leads her to something much bigger and more deadly. Suddenly everyone is against her. The Chief, the politicians and the money men want her to drop the case. The criminals she's facing turn out to have more firepower than the police can handle. If she refuses to back down from the case - well, cops get killed in action sometimes. 

Out Now: Nowhere To Hide & Other Tales Of Mystery And Suspense By Jean Marie Stine

Deerstalker Editions and PageTurner Books is extremely excited to be able to announce the publication of a hard-core, brilliant collection of mysteries stories by the legendary Jean Marie StineNowhere To Hide & Other Tales Of Mystery And Suspense!

A New Collection of Baffling Murder Puzzlers and Thrilling Crime Stories. Six of the author's best mysterys in a novella length collection. Read "The Cruise Ship Murder," "No Where to Hide," "The Boxoffice Caper," "Dark Hunger," "The Greensox Murder Case," "MrNice@xxx.com."

Out Now: The Vengence Of Martin Brand: The Classic Pulp Space Opera by Ramond A. Palmer

PageTurner and Futures-Past is extremely excited about the release of a classic pulp space opera by Ramond A. Palmer: The Vengence Of Martin Brand!

First Time in Book Form the Classic Pulp Space Opera! From the hallowed pages of Amazing Stories in 1942, here is the first of the adult space operas. Written by the legendary, and highly controversial science fiction editor Raymond A. Palmer, The Vengeance of Martin Brand has never before appeared in any book edition. In this book, Palmer took a giant stride forward from his contemporaries, replacing the noble, uncomplicated heroes of the first space operas, with the tormented anti-hero, 'Suicide" Martin Brand, one of science fiction's most memorable characters. The half-crazed Brand, who likes to play classical music while rocketing toward a half-dozen enemy ships, atomic cannons blasting, is Earth's only hope. The embittered former spy for the Interplanetary Patrol is the only one who knows about the Martian spaceships waiting in the hidden cavern on the Moon. It would be easy to make himself the most powerful man in the system and become its master. But, to warn Earth Brand would have to forsake vengeance on the man who betrayed him and cost him everything he held dear, then survive two women, one who has sworn to kill him and one who has sworn to arrest him dead or alive, and if he made it that far, he'd have to fight his way to the surface through ten thousand Martians. But that's why the call him 'Suicide' Martin Brand. And even if he does succeed in warning Earth, war will flare across three worlds! From its advanced flashback within a flashback technique, to the adult passions and emotions of the characters, The Vengeance of Martin Brand is superior space opera far ahead of its time! Cover: Original cover The Vengeance of Martin Brand Amazing Stories 1942 by H.W. McCauley.

"(We Should All Be Together) Christmas Day" performed by Bill Mills

Here's a wonderful holiday treat: the very special Bill Mills, a great friend of all of us here at Renaissance, performing "(We Should All Be Together) Christmas Day."