Out Now: Castle Darkest Night By Joe Vadalma

PageTurner is very pleased to announce the release of a brand new gothic/vampiric novel by our bestselling star writer, Joe Vadalma: Castle Darkest Night! 
Castle Darkest Night is a dark fantasy in the Gothic tradition. It concerns a Medieval castle, a woman on the edge of madness, the paranormal, obsessed  scientists, mysterious events, murder, a torrid love affair and an unholy experiment. Amy is led from horror after horror which sinks her into a quagmire of death, madness and sin. And what of the young Ray Smart? Will he save Amy from the horrors that haunts her? Or will he tempt her into a  forbidden love affair?

"If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft like me, haven't you ever wondered exactly what was in the book entitled The Necronomicon? I know I have. In addition, there were these references to the Cult of Cthulhu, a name impossible to pronounce. Of course, the fun of it is to speculate and wonder, and not know for sure. Of course, as an author of fantasy, science-fiction and dark fantasy, I could not help attempting to imitate the master. What fun it was to write The Laws of Magic which takes some of the elements I used in my other novels, such as witchcraft and the occult and mix in a little Lovecraftian lore. In the Laws of Magic, a detective, called in by a mysterious young woman to solve the case of a missing professor, finds himself transported by the Necronomicon into a fantastic underground other-dimensional world where he menaced by Lovecraftian and other monsters and nightmarish creatures."

- Joe Vadalma

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