HOW TO WRITE A BESTSELLING SELF-HELP BOOK; The 68 Fatal Mistakes You Should Avoid

"Five Stars. Jean Marie Stine did something I've never seen done before. She found all the Do Nots an author must revise in order to insure a best selling manuscript. Her book revealed many subject I needed to address in my own writing. I highly recommend reviewing any writings, you wish to publish, against the information the author presents in this book." - Bruce Lelievre, Amazon review

The "must have" book by the acknowledged expert for self-help/how-to business, recovery, sports, health, self-improvement, hobby, crafts, and New Age writers. "If you follow only a third of her advice, you'll have a successful book." Jeremy Tarcher. In this unique book, author-editor Jean Marie Stine shows writers how to avoid the errors that keep most self-help books from finding publishers and off the bestseller lists if they are published. From the author: "Before starting this book, I carefully reviewed stacks of rejected self-help manuscripts from aspiring authors. I also looked at first drafts which publishers had asked me to rewrite before they were deemed suitable for publication. I kept a running list of the defects I noted. Altogether, I found 68 key mistakes most inexperienced authors seemed to make. "In this book I describe each of the 68 key mistakes so that you can recognize them when you see them in your own work. Then I explain how you can avoid or correct the problem. The result should be a zero-defect manuscript and book proposal that will sail through the editorial and publishing committees to acceptance."

"Five Stars. The highest rating." Helen Sedwick, author Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook   
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