Eiizabeth Joyce's Historical Romance "The Turbulent Years Trilogy"

The Turbulent Years ia an epic trilogy of a sister's love of her brother - and a woman's love for her man – set against the turbulent background of World War II.

Book I: Trudie's Way: Trudie loved her brother Karl more than anyone else in the world. But it was the middle of the Great Depression jobs were hard to come by and Karl's only choice was to join the Army. No one worried, America was at peace. Then Pearl Harbor was bombed, American went to war - and Karl was reported missing in action. Suddenly, for Trudy, beauty school, dating, movies and her social life were no longer enough. Trudie determined find Karl no matter what it cost. But first, she would have to join the military and get posted overseas to start her search. But the position she was offered was one of the most dangerous in the Army. Take intelligence training and go to Europe as a spy. Without Karl, the only one who had ever understood her, life didn't seem worth living. Soon Trudie was commissioned as an officer and intelligence operative. Then she met Chuck, who also understood her, and Trudie began to feel something for him she had never believed she could experience. Now both the men she loved were in danger - and her heart was torn in two. Assigned to her first mission, Trudie left for the European Theater of war praying for both men. Fear for her own safety as a spy operating behind the German lines never occurred to her.

The Turbulent Years Trilogy
I. Trudie's Way
II. Trudie's War
III Trudie's Men

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