"I'll Eat Yer Brain" - A Wonderful Zombie Song By Bill Mills

Bill Mills is not just an essential part of Renaissance Books but he's also a wonderfully talented, and marvelously funny, singer songwriter - as you will absolutely know when you hear his brand new song "I'll Eat Your Brain" ... his take on romance - and zombies!

A paraody lyric by Bill Mills to the tune of "Little Liza Jane". Zombies! They're always a favorite among lovers of horror. Here is a new and jaunty little ditty about the culinary tatses of The Undead. Keep the lid on your 'brainpan' as you listen to "I'll Eat Yer Brain"... or you may become a Zombie Buffet! Written and Performed by Bill Mills All instruments and vocals by Bill Mills Recorded March 9, 2011 - Mills Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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